Tele-Medicine to Support People Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline

Tele-Medicine to Support People Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline

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Need institute and LifeCharger are collaborating to support people with cognitive decline and their caregivers.
Thanks to tele-medicine and tele-monitoring, the service offers remote help, with a view to “Continuity Care”. Limited access to continuous assistance and care services often translates into a feeling of abandonment for patients and their caregivers.
This is why we thought of the concept of “Continuity Care”, which means coordinated and continuous healthcare, provided by different professional identities and aimed at people suffering from chronic pathologies. The service, dedicated to people who already have a diagnosis and assigned therapy will be implemented through an APP that will offer continuous support to the patient and his/her caregiver and will enable healthcare professional to monitor the progress of the disease.

In detail, the APP allows the patient and caregiver to:
• receive the support plan
• schedule day to day activities
• collect data regarding the execution of the various activities
• book appointments with healthcare professionals involved in the service and share the results in a safe way

The healthcare professional, through the platform, will be able to:
• independently manage appointment schedules for each resource/professional
• create and send support plan, which may include physiological parameters to measure, questionnaires to complete, informational content relating to the service catalogues, personalized information and communications
• view data shared by caregivers securely and in compliance with privacy regulations

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