Neurobiologist researcher on Alzheimer’s Disease

Neurobiologist researcher on Alzheimer’s Disease

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After evaluating the requests received (, the Need Institute Foundation announces the recent recruitment of Dr. Maria Lo Giudice in the position of postdoctoral neurobiologist researcher. The three-year research grant is generously supported by the Amalur Foundation Ltd. in London, which thus launches and promotes a translational research study on Alzheimer’s disease.

Maria Lo Giudice, born in Palermo in 1986, graduated in Biology from the Sapienza University of Rome. At the Neuroscience Department of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità she completed her experimental thesis aimed at studying the effects of a recombinant superoxide dismutase manganese (rMnSOD1) on neurodegeneration. She subsequently completed her PhD in Neuroscience, with a thesis entitled “The role of CaSR in Alzheimer’s Disease pathomechanisms”, at Biotalentum Ltd, a company dedicated to the development and research of neurons derived from human stem cells induced by iPSCs technology , as part of the European project “CaSR Biomedicine”, a Marie-Curie training network.

Dr. Maria Lo Giudice, as a Need Institute researcher, will promote and follow a program of neurobiological studies on Alzheimer’s disease at the Neurobiology Laboratory of for Translational Medicine, Department of Neurorehabilitation Sciences, Casa di Cura Policlinico (CCP) in Milan.